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2 hours ago, TesoroDolceGems said:

Will the premium version show more cache's on the map?


There is no Premium version... but only Basic or Premium Memberships. According to ones membership, the functions available to a member varies.


If using the official app, Yes.

Using the website, also but not much... depending if there are any PMOs on the location you are searching for.

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2 hours ago, TesoroDolceGems said:

Will the premium version show more cache's on the map?  I noticed it will open up information on the app if I buy it, but the way it is written...it looks like I will see more locations if I upgrade?  Is this true or na?


Using the app, you'll also be able to access what's called "advanced" caches, those rated higher than your basic default (D2/T2).  :)

We start new members who tag along on those, and they usually become PM because of that.

You're able to view Premium Member Only caches as well, but that's often at the lowest on the benefits list.  ;)

Along with This brief explanation, there's also the benefits,  and the Become a premium member which you might have seen for the visuals already.


Of course if you gained information only from the website, you'd be able to access all caches (other than PMO) without fees.


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