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Desire partners for recon/recce themed TBs

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Greetings from Florida USA!

A short time ago I posted to the Canada and Australia geographic forums soliciting for partners to deploy specifically there. However, I always desire to deploy TB (recon troopers) to places that are void of "Task Force" presence or need reinforcements, as it were.


 If you or a geo-friend is interested in receiving a TB by postal mail do contact me by post here, site messenger or email via profile, etc. Follow link to current roster list of Task Force-Metal Rat recon trooper TBs. Also follow link to Task Force Operations Map to see where they are deployed. If you are in a part of the world that is without a "trooper," then there is an opportunity for us to partner.  


The following is a link to illustrate one of the recon trooper TB pages listed on GC. https://coord.info/TB52WXA There you can learn more about the mission, description, additional links to a position map, facebook page, TB profile photo, etc. This (soldier figurine) reconnaissance/recce themed group has been active since 2015. The virtual Task Force-Metal Rat is the HQ and has a stand alone ID (you can see that on TB page link and the HQ owner profile) to role play by posting "radio calls" that acknowledge specific activity and offer specified missions to holders (scouts) that are interested and desire to role play.


Some geocacher holders are not interested in the role play theme and that is okay. Today, I seek assistance partnering with an "operative" to get some additional TB "recon troopers" released and start "patrolling."


Kind regards, Appreciate your consideration and safe journeys!

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