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Cover photo blurry in app

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I have recently updated my profile cover photo, and even though I followed the proportion guideline and experimented with different resolutions, it always comes out blurry in the Android app.

I checked other users profiles - blurry for everyone. I've tried putting in a pic of recommended width - 790 and also twice that size - 1580. Both turn out equally blurry.

On the website - picture is as crisp and sharp as winter's morning.


Geocaching app 8.34.0

Android 9

Xiaomi Mi A1


P.S. Have tried clearing cache&data of app, nothing changes.




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I see the same effect in the iPhone App.


I tried an image in JPG, PNG and GIF, and a couple of bigger and smaller pixel sizes.  The background banner always becomes too compressed, blurry.  AND it's zoomed-in, the edges are cropped.  The Avatar square seems fine.


I didn't experiment with anything else, such as a square background image, just basically the required aspect ratio.



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