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Oldest Active in 48 States Roadtrip Route Optimization

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I'm looking to plan a roadtrip to the oldest active caches in each of the lower 48 U.S. states.  I've seen optimized routes for 48 states in 7 days, but never for the oldest active in each state.


1) What route optimization apps have folks used and like? 


2) Has anyone already done this and are willing to share the route taken?

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Out of order:


2 - I have not. It sounds really fun. I wonder if I could get away with such a thing and also telecommute for work. I've already got a number of the oldest state geocaches, but I lack a bunch.


1 - I have heard good things about cachetur.no, but I haven't actually used it. Browsing through the wiki, it looks like a valuable tool. I'm definitely going to look to use it for my next county/Delorme state project.

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I found that Cachetur.no is the way to go!  It is awesome!  It takes a little time to figure out how to use it, but once you do ... wow!  They also have quite an active and helpful Facebook group that answered some questions I had and helped me through some problems I encountered.  One thing I learned that I will pass on to route all 48 state's caches first, then let it optimize the route for you.  But, this route is too big/complicated to let Cachetur.no do everything it can.  So, start over but break the trip up in subtrips this time still using the optimized route you got from the first step.

Cachetur.no is a FREE app!!!  There are NO ADS as you might expect in a free app.  They survive from donations, so if you use it and like it, send them a few bucks to keep it going.  

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