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jigidi help required

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It looks as if you're trying to embed the link to your jigidi puzzle into an image. That's fine.  Jigidi is okay as a puzzle source




You can embed the  link for this puzzle in an  image, but that image needs to be hosted on Geocaching.com.  .


So capture that image, and load it to the cache page.  I captured it, loaded it to my machine, you can do the same thing.

Once the image is hosted on Geocaching.com (amazon cloud, actually) then you can use it in your cache page.

Fairy IMAGE.jpg

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I'm missing something subtle here and apologies for my aging density.

12 months a go I created a test cache page and simply copy and pasted from the Jigidi site the code offered from the embed button. This worked fine.

I see now that something has changed and the Jigidi image with the piece missing has to be captured first and uploaded to to Geoching gallery....ok so far....

Now I get lost what happens now to link the image to the hyperlink to the Jigidi site...

Many Thanks in advance  Roger   :-)

Right on q

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2 hours ago, Right-on-q said:

Now I get lost what happens now to link the image to the hyperlink to the Jigidi site...

Basically, take the URL of the image on thumbs.jigidi.com and replace it with the URL of the image you uploaded to the geocaching.com site.



<img style="[...]" src="https://thumbs.jigidi.com/[...]" alt="[...]">


<img style="[...]" src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/[...]" alt="[...]">

Everything else stays the same.


And note that I'm just guessing about the s3.amazonaws.com part. That's where one of my images is hosted. Yours might be hosted somewhere else. The easiest way to get the URL is to right-click and then open the image in a new tab/window. But make sure you're using the URL of the image itself, and not the URL of a web page that displays the image. You need the URL of the actual image.

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niraD    thank you........ what a service :-)


We (Berrington Gang and myself),have a series of 10 caches ready to create pages for and we set up a zoom meeting last night intending to compile them....then fell into the pothole at the first page........ only after a couple hours did I think of trying this forum (never been here before)
Thanks again.... Seasons greetings   Roger


Edit:   Sorted.....now it makes sense....many thanks again ...................Roger   :-)

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