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Urwigo - inside zone problem


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Hi all, I'm building my first Wherigo in Urwigo and I'm having this rather stupid and frustrating problem. The cartridge doesn't recognize correctly if the player is inside a zone or not. To check I use Distance to a zone, Inside. It works perfectly in the emulator, but on an Android phone it doesn't. I tried it in two different apps. The app correctly shows that the player is inside the zone, but then the if clause of the cartridge fails. What could be the problem?

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On 12/12/2020 at 7:56 AM, capoaira said:

That sounds more like the if condition is incorrect.

The onEnter event should work in every app. Which if-condition do you use?

This is what I'm doing. It works perfectly well in the emulator. Also, I tried it without Compare clause, also without success.


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