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Apple Safari / Big Sur update

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        Anyone experiencing this bit of fun?


While on cache page and going to larger map ... after selecting browse caches the special love note which appears is; "Safari is unable to find browser".


Is this a special gift from Apple or is there an issue between GC.com / Safari.


As an aside this headache does not occur when working through Firefox.  

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Works for me. Though I have not updated the latest release I am waiting for my Christmas present of an external drive to offload all my pictures and make room.


Wish I could provide some better advice.


I know that I still can not add filters on the search page as it corrupts the the coordinates and remove West portion. Only work around I have is to search through the map. Good luck.

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4 hours ago, NYPaddleCacher said:

It's working fine on my Macbook Pro.  I usually use Chrome but I have Safari an Firefox on it for testing.


And what about Big Sur?

Hi my Mendo friend.


           Big Sur is the newest upgrade to Safari ... some have reported "buggines" with it.


Geo-Huggzzzzzz to you and yours ... be safe.

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