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New Map unbelievable slow and unusable

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The new map (https://www.geocaching.com/play/search)  is for me very slow and therefore unusable since a longer period (before, it worked well).


When i click on the link in the menu, nothing happened for like 30 seconds before the map opens, even when only 250 caches are shown.


It seems, that it works a bit better with Google  Maps instead of the Geocaching Map.


The old map (https://www.geocaching.com/map) opens instantly and is fast, but has not the filters from the new map.


Also disabling the PGC and GCLH scripts and Tampermonkey won't change anything.


The same problem with the new cache owner page.


On my smartphone when connected via Wifi, it is the same issue, but connected via mobile network, the new map works instantly.


So could this be a specific ISP problem? The rest of the website works for me with an okay-ish speed (its good, but honestly could be faster).


Browsers used are Vivaldi and Edge, and Safari on my smartphone.



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I have very similar issues with the map. After logging into geocaching.com and selecting the map -> nothing happens. After around 5 times of retry clicking, the map loads.


Some icons are missing. When I click on a cache icon, the browser window gets white, nothing is shown anymore. Currently I cannot use the map function anymore.

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