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Incorrect Finnish translations on the profile/statistics page

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It looks like you have done some machine translation on the Finnish language version of geocaching.com website. The most blatant errors are on the page Profile - (My) statistics,. but the errors seem to repeat all over the place. The new translations are incorrect, unprofessional, way below your previous high standard, and confusing. Can you please revert back to the old Finnish translations as soon as possible?

The problems are: 

  1. Incorrect translations for the word 'cache' (examples below)
  2. Multiple incorrect and misleading translations (e.g. for find stats and for the different cache types)  (examples below)
  3. Incorrectly conjugated words (examples below)
  4. Mismatched conjugations, adjective-noun agreements and English langauge prepositions mixed in. 


1. Incorrectly translated 'cache"

The word Cache translates in Finnish as 'kätkö' (a hide) or geokätkö,
instead of 'kontti' (a Docker container, or an ocean container, meaning the standardized transportation container) or
a 'välimuisti' (the temporary cache file on your computer). 

  • Currently the profile page has interesting translations such as "Olet löytänyt 3500 välimuistia ensimmäisestä välimuistihakuistasi 08.04.20XX" .
    (=You have discovered 3500 temporary files since your first temporary file search 08.04.20XX.) or
  • Löytämäni konttityypit = The types of ocean containers I have found.


2. Multiple incorrect translations

The profile part describing the streaks, slumps, best days, etc. is now unreadable. 

Etsi hinta  --> translates as "Find price" and is misleading. What price am I supposed to find?
1.1089 välimuistia / päivä  --> translates as (xx temporary cache files / day)
Pisin juova --> Now translates as "Longest stripe" and is meaningless
32 peräkkäistä päivää löytöillä 13.07.2017 - 13.08.2017 --> The word löytö is now incorrectly conjugated.
Pisin romahdus --> Now translates as "Longest collapse" and is meaningless
361 peräkkäistä päivää ilman löytöä 17.04.2012 - 13.04.2013
Nykyinen juova --> Now translates as "Current stripe" and is meaningless
2 peräkkäistä päivää löytöillä 28.11.2020 lähtien
Nykyinen romahdus --> Now translates as "Current collapse" and is meaningless.
0 peräkkäistä päivää ilman löytöä

The profile part describing the finds nearest/farthest from home has multiple incorrect translations. 

E.g. "Löydä Kaukin itä (pääministeriltä)" now translates as "Find *remoteist (from the prime minister)"


3. Incorrect conjugations, mismatched conjugations, etc. 

The following serve as examples: 

  • 200 kätköt marraskuu of 2016 --> "Kätköt" is ungrammatical, should be "kätköä", and what's the English preposition "of" doing here?
  • 2 peräkkäistä päivää löytöillä 28.11.2020 lähtien --> "Löytöillä" for the noun "löytö" is not grammatical. 
  • Cumulative finds per month --"Kumulatiiviset löydöt kuukaudessa" has mismatched adjective-noun agreement 


There are multiple other examples on this page, but currently the same problems seem to repeat on other Finnish language pages as well. As said, this is way below your (up until now) fluent everyday Finnish language. Please revert to the old translations, or have someone re-translate the pages properly using the old translations  as reference. 


Thanks already in advance!


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