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Baptist and other churches

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In Vienna, Austria we have a lot of places where services are held for "unusual" religions. Often I see that these churches are not located in separate buildings, but in halls/apartments/... that are just a part of f.e. a regular apartment building. Now, f.e. the category "Baptist Churches" says "This category is to document the locations of both active and former Baptist Church buildings.". The category "Church of Christ Scientist" says "This category is to waymark locations of current and former Church of Christ Scientist buildings." and so on. Now, does that mean that the categories are just looking for buildings, that completely belong to one of these churches? Or are they looking for places, where one can attend a mass of these religions? Of course I could contact all the officers of the various categories, but I thought, that maybe there is a general (unwritten?) rule for this.

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Well Andreas, as far as the building's being completely owned by the denomination, I don't recall that being a hindrance in most of the Religious Buildings categories.

I'm gonna go check my old WMs to see what can be found in this vein.

Over the years I've submitted to pretty much every Western religious category and can't, at the moment, recall having one rejected for its occupying only part of its building.

As for "unusual" religions, if they fit otherwise, Religious Buildings Multifarious is likely the place for them as they accept such entries as storefront churches which can't be shoehorned into any other religious building category..

Most of the categories in question will also accept buildings which are, or were, used by more than one denomination simultaneously.

I know of a perfect example of the latter situation to show you. One sec while I try to hunt it down... ...

... ...Here it is:


Church of Christ Scientist

Presbyterian Churches


Methodist Churches

Baptist Churches

Seventh-day Adventist Churches

Roman Catholic Churches

These were all in Moncton, NB's Free Meeting House, built in 1821 and the oldest church building in Moncton.




Here's one: Grand Forks Baptist Church, a store front church.

Here's another: Soul Patrol Ministries, another store front church, this one in Religious Buildings Multifarious. Actually, there quite a few in Religious Buildings Multifarious.

I thought I'd find more in other denominations, but haven't yet.

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Wow, thanks for the huge feedback. Your first example was (according to the description) a Free Meeting House "intended as a place of worship for all denominations", not an apartment building with xx private apartments and one apartment for worship of various religions.


Just to make it clear: With "unusual" religions I was referring to religions that are not so usual here in Austria, not necessarily religions that don't have their own waymark category. F.e., one day I was looking for a place where quakers meet in my hometown. I didn't even know that they do. It turned out that they use an apartment (if I recall right, they even share the apartment with other religions) in one of the upper floors of an otherwise regular apartment building and only have a small text next to the bell that is beside the entrance door of the apartment building. Otherwise there is nothing to show, that it is a place of religion(s). At least I didn't find anything. So the  photos would just show a big apartment building and the entrance to it. There is a coat of arms of the Melk Abbey (see Google Streetview), because the Melk Abbey built the house back in 1858, but of course it has nothing to do with the quakers. I took a few photos, but didn't dare to create a waymark, because the category is called "Quaker Meeting Houses" and not "Quaker Meeting Apartments:unsure: and now I don't know when I took the photos and where to find them on my harddisk. :mellow: I guees, I will go there again, take some photos and give it a try.

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In my opinion, it is not about building vs, apartment or owned vs. rented. That's the wrong question. 


As long as it is a dedicated and announced place, I see no reason not to waymark it. But I know that very small communities often meet in rooms in private homes of members. These are the ones to keep the fingers off.

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On 12/1/2020 at 6:55 PM, PISA-caching said:

but didn't dare to create a waymark, because the category is called "Quaker Meeting Houses" and not "Quaker Meeting Apartments"


From a Christian viewpoint a church is the "House of God" so I would consider any building - or part of - to be a House...

(Other officers and other categories may have different opinions.)

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