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2021 Souvenirs

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From the Official Geocaching Blog:


First 2021 Souvenir


We did it. We made it. This year brought unprecedented change, but we still came together as a community despite challenges. We adapted by figuring out Zoom to see our friends, geocaching solo, and planning future outings. Even through it all, caches were found, souvenirs were earned, and travel bugs achieved their mileage goals.

Kintsugi is a traditional Japanese art that uses a liquid precious metal to mend the pieces of broken pottery. This art form honors what the pottery has been through and is the perfect metaphor for our souvenir to close out the year.

This year, we invite you to leave 2020 stronger and to welcome 2021 with hope by introducing two new geocaching souvenirs.

How do I earn both souvenirs?

  1. Earn the Last 2020 souvenir by finding any geocache from December 24-31.
  2. Earn the First 2021 souvenir by finding another geocache from January 1-8.

What types of geocaches qualify for either souvenir?

Nearly any type of geocache! Including:

  • Traditional Caches
  • Multi-Caches
  • Virtual Caches
  • Letterbox Hybrids
  • Event Caches
  • Mystery Caches
  • Webcam Caches
  • EarthCaches
  • Wherigo Caches
  • Adventure Labs

How do I plan ahead to find the nearest geocaches?

Click this link to find geocaches near you! However you choose to participate, New Year’s is an opportunity to appreciate the experiences of the past year and embrace what is to come. How will you celebrate?

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