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Decorating ammo tins?

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Hello everyone! I know that "how to paint ammo cans" has been asked on the forum maybe once or even twice before, but none of the previous threads I found answered my question - specifically about the types of paints available in Australia.


The majority of the threads I've found are primarily dealing with making ammo box hidden to the eye. I'm looking to see if it's viable for me to decorate an ammo box in a "look at me" style, along these lines or maybe like this - a stand out look in primary colours that's more interesting than just black / green / brown. And the box would be in something else to try and make it muggle resistant, which would also help to keep it out of direct sunlight..


I'm trying to see if it's achievable on a budget of around $40 per box. I was looking at the available paints from Bunnings, most of their Squirts range are good but seem to primarily be gloss. There's a good range of paints available from Spotlight, though most of those are cheap poster paints or acrylics.


I'm not looking for something that's going to last 20 years on a mountain top, though I'd like the paint to not be flaking off in the middle of the first summer. I was wondering if anybody on here had experience with decorating metal boxes with the cheaper paints that are available in Australia? Preferably with paints available from places like Bunnings, BigW, Officeworks, Spotlight and auto stores like SuperCheap / Repco - those sorts of places.

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Any spray paint should be fine for what you are describing - and for details I'd just used exterior paint sample pots.... they'll last a long time. Poster paints I'd expect to wash off??

I tend to go for a slightly different painting scheme on ours, generally camo tones.... I clean the ammo tin well with isopropyl alcohol, remove stickers etc, then spray with 'Rustoleum' 2X generally in matt black or the grey primer. Then overcoat this with various greens/browns and label stencils, using military modelling spray paints. I do the same with sistema containers, just give the plastic a rough up with some worn sandpaper first, and note minimal paint loss after 4-5yr in the wild.... With those colours, why are you concerned about gloss paint?? :)


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Rustoleum 2X
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I used to use Killrust or Rustguard which were avaiable in spray cans or little tins. Mostly use Rustoleum now, from Bunnings. I have experience spray painting but I don't go to all the prep I'd normally do. Just remove any stickers and give the metal a light sand. The Rustoleum 2x will cover just about anything. (I was born with a lazy eye - and it spread.:P)

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I have painted Ammo cans in camo many times by following this process:


(1) Get some leaves or branches from your local park

(2) For ammo cans use a fine grain sand paper and scuff up the surface of the ammo can

(3) Spray the ammo can with a water resistant undercoat

(4) Spray paint your container with a suitable dark color base coat and allow to dry

(5) Place leaves or branches close to the container, over base coat in random Patten then spray paint with another lighter color

(6) Remove the leaves / branches and allow to dry


Easy simple and cost effective. The ammo can will last for a long time.


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