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Miami Area - N25 46.67

Algonquin Bound

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Hey Objets,


Well, have a look at the cache site, but basically it says this: "Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to persuade another Geocacher to get out there and take a photo of his GPS (with the coords clearly visible) at ANY coord. (choice is his/hers) that intersects with the coord. you created from your username above. A photo of the surrounding area would be nice as well!


Once that photo is taken, you need to get it into your grubby little hands. Your buddy can upload it for you to the site. He can mail it for you to post, etc. Then you need to post the log for the find with the picture & tell us where the point is located.


In order for both of you to get credit for the cache, your buddy must email me stating that he took the picture & reference your Username (or put this info into his log if he posts the picture directly for you).


This way you can both log a cache. If he doesn't log, or if you have someone other than a Geocacher do this for you, you will get solo credit providing you have the photo with your log."


So, you would be the "other Geocacher" referred to. You take a picture somewhere, with the GPS showing the co-ordinate I have supplied. The other co-ordinate can be whatever suits you or whatever would make a good picture. Once you e-mail me the photo, we both log a find for the cache. International Geo-collaboration. Kinda cool.


Obviously it is easier if you have a digital camera, so that you could just upload it directly, but a scanned print would work, too. Let me know if you're into it and you're off to the races.



Ian. icon_cool.gif

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That's cool. icon_eek.gif I'm nowhere near the co-ordinates you asked about, but if you look at the site (see first post), there is a link that takes you to a list of cities and their latitude and longitude. That is how I found that Miami worked for me. You might have luck in Nova Scotia or the Northwest Territories, or even Alaska. You could also try Russia, Africa, South Amercia nd probably many more, but the list is a good place to start. Once you narrow it down a bit, you could feed those co-ordinates into Mapquest, then finesse your search from there (I think!). Then find a forum serving that area and post a query. Since you get to log a find, if you take my picture, I've written to the cache owner, Crusso, to find out if you can log another find, based on your own name.



Ian. icon_cool.gif

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