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How Do I ... Search by Date Published rather than Placed?

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Apologies if this has been asked before...


In Pocket Queries (or by some other means) is it possible to search for caches PUBLISHED during the past week/month/year rather than PLACED?


The reason stems from us trying to find all the "Church Micro" caches in Bedfordshire, UK. We had a list of all caches in the series and created a weekly Pocket Query to show us all new caches placed in the last month in Bedfordshire. We could then see if any new caches in the series are hidden in Bedfordshire.


However, at one point we thought we had reached our goal of finding all the caches in the series Bedfordshire, only to find that others had been published which had not shown up in our Pocket Query. We worked out that these additional caches had been "placed" a long time before being "published". As a result, when they were published they did not show up in our Pocket Query because they had been "placed" more than a month before. An example is https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC7W7N1 which was placed on 15/Aug/2018 but published on 16/Apr/2019.


Many thanks for any ideas about how we can keep track of newly published rather than newly placed caches.

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Honestly, I've never seen the value in using "Date placed", since it really means exactly what NanCycle says it means.  It's the date that the CO started the cache page, unless modified.  Nothing necessarily to do with when the cache was actually set or when it was available for finders.


I'm always far more interested, when interested at all in either, to know when a cache became available for finding.  I've seen a couple of caches publish recently whose GC code and "Placed date" are from August (GC8X...).  Guess it took the COs a while to figure out what they wanted to do, or get the prerequisites sorted for the reviewer?  The date that the CO sat down in front of a computer and started to enter information isn't really of any value to me at all.

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