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Attention Baton Rouge Geocachers!!

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This is Maria (often on the arm of pizzachef)... I'm looking for a few good BR Geocachers to help me out.


I'm working on a walking trail at the Highland Road Park Observatory. Those of you who have logged "The Southern Buckeye Cache" should be very familiar with the area.


On June 21, the Summer Solstice, the Walking Trail will have it's Grand Opening Event. I'd like one of the activities to be Geocaching.


My idea is to hide 4-5 easy caches along the longer of my 2 trails. (The same one Buckeye is on.) I can borrow GPS units from Louisiana Resource Center for Educators, and would like groups of 3 or so visitors to take turns finding the caches. I'd also like to do a multi-cache on the shorter trail that challenges your dendrology skills (tree identification).


I’m looking for anyone interested in hiding the caches or being at the Grand Opening to man the table and talk to the visitors about Geocaching, explain the rules, help them with the GPS units, tell them how they can be further involved, etc.


I plan to make the day an event cache. What do you think?


You can check out the trail web page for more info about the project...


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Hi Guys...


The Baton Rouge Observatory's Bottomland Hardwood Forest Walking Trail Grand Opening Event is getting nearer.


I'd like to meet with anyone interested in being a part of the June 21st event (by sitting at the info. table, talking about Geocaching, giving tips about GPS units, etc.) or helping me hide caches along the trail.


How does the afternoon of Saturday, May 17 sound? ...around 2 p.m.?


Thanks, Maria


30 20.763 N

91 04.240 W

Observatory coordinates

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