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Crazy Geocachers

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Hello everyone! I created this topic for crazy things people do when geocaching. Have you ever seen "that guy" that finds that film canister walking backwards or does a handstand while signing the log? On a dare, I once brought my tuba with me while caching. at my friend's "suggestion". I'd be interested to hear what you have to say, so if you've seen sompthing crazy, pipe up! Thanks! -Dennis

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2 minutes ago, dennistubaplayer said:

I gotta get that one- first I gotta give my parents a reason to bring me to France cause we're not the type that goes to Europe every weekend.:laughing:


I believe that one is in Sweden.  


There are/were a few Vinny&Sue caches that have some pretty dire warnings for those that might choose to find them.


There are at least a couple of regulars here that geocache naked.   


The only thing that I've got was an aborted attempt to find a cache on a bridge over the Mara river in Kenya.  I was stopped from attempting it by an armed guard that said that I couldn't go out onto the bridge without an armed escort.   The Mara river is known for the annual wildebeast migration as shown below.  What you don't see is that the river is full of very large crocodile (thus, why I was prevented from looking for the cache on the bridge) that feast on the wildebeast trying to cross the river.



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I don't know the local reviewer there, but there's no way to get that one published here.  I tried something similar.  Perhaps it was 'grandfathered':

Stay away from restricted areas

Do not place geocaches in restricted, prohibited, or otherwise inappropriate locations. Some areas have additional regulations and laws that further restrict geocache placement. Geocaching HQ staff or a community volunteer may temporarily disable or permanently archive the cache page if any of the following is reported. (This list is not comprehensive.)

  • A landowner or land manager reports the geocache.
  • The geocache is in an area that is sensitive to additional foot or vehicular traffic. Examples may include archaeological sites, historical sites, and cemeteries.
  • The geocache is on railroad property or right of way. See the Regional Geocaching Policies Wiki for details in your region.
  • The geocache is problematic due to its proximity to a public structure. Examples include highway bridges, major roadways, dams, government buildings, schools, military installations, hospitals, airports and other areas defined in the Regional Geocaching Policies Wiki.
  • Locations that strongly encourage or require access through restricted locations.
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