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Oregon 700 map OS Map of UK

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I transferred OS map file to my new(ish) Oregon 700 from my old Oregon 650 and it worked fine - a file I had paid handsomely for!


My 700 locked and I was forced to factory reset it.

Copied OS file to sd card...and it is not found. However my Openstreet maps map of UK works straight away.


Any suggestions?


Garmin at some stage when I was attempting to add a Germany map tried several until one loaded OK, said they only support maps bought from them.


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I am second guessing what has happened because it is not precisely clear what has not happened in response to your actions


 my understanding of Garmin map down load is, if you downloaded a map to a device it is Not transportable to another device

 if you bought an sd card with the map that is transportable

 you cannot copy down loaded maps from a device to an SD card and then hope it will work elsewhere

 also if you have a Garmin map sd card , which is transportable, you cannot make a backup copy to another sd card. It won’t work


i am not sure is this clarifies ( or confuses!)




btw Try a subscription to Talkytoaster maps for Uk , based on OSM. Far better than Ord Surv maps ( disclaimer! No connection)


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