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AL app: slow loading, not loading new labs


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I suspect this may be a result of high server traffic or something due to new labs being published before the 31 October deadline, but reporting it here anyway.


I have three push notifications on my phone of new labs in my area. Cool!


When I start the Adventure Lab app, it takes a couple minutes to search for labs in my area. When the green arrow finishes its spin, none of the new labs load up. I know there should be one that shows up on the map 3 miles west of me or so. It is not loading.

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Bit of a wasted trip this afternoon (I'm in the UK)... had planned to do 2 new ALs but the app kept on stalling, searching for lab caches on the map, heavy use of phone battery... after 45 minutes, I managed to get through two stages of the 1st lab, but gave up as it kept on stalling. No problem with mobile data. When I got home, the two 'finds' were on my cache total finds stats, but now I go back into the app and the two finds are not recognised... the AL starts from the beginning again. Anyway, mini-rant over... what I'm saying is that there appears to have been some issues this afternoon!

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28 minutes ago, seadog129 said:

I completed the Sydenstricker Schoolhouse Adventure Labs in Virginia during the slowdown today, while the App shows completion, my find count only shows 3 on geocaching.com, how do I get credited for the other 2?

I don't know the answer to your question but this was one of the frustrating things for me today. The AL app would change between I completed three of the five stages to I completed zero the five stages then I completed three of the stages. When it showed zero I wasn't allowed to resume, it wanted me to start over. 

Maybe logging out and back in on both the app and the website will get things synced? It's worth a try. 


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As a CO of one Adventure Lab, recently made public, I am seeing some strange stats.  I had hoped things would resolve by this morning, but my Leaderboard remains out of sync.


On the app on my phone, I can see completion logs for 4 people.  The Leaderboard shows 5 completions (and the 5th may not have left a log, I understand that).  The puzzling thing is that one of my 5 locations shows 9 people have done that location; all the other locations show 5.  I can only see names for the 5 completions; I can't see the names of who did the locations, only the number. So maybe those additional 4 finds on the one location are only seeing one stage completed as well?  Even if they in fact, did complete the whole adventure?






Maybe the Leaderboard has a delay - I'm now showing 10 participants, 7 Adventures completed, and 38 Locations completed.  Ah well, I'm glad people are visiting the locations and seem to be enjoying the Adventure.

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I can't get the  adventure lab app to load. I  had it on the tablet once but it was not staying current. I forced it, nothing so I  uninstalled it and now can't load it back on, just spins. I have tried it maybe 6-7 different times and places.

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5 hours ago, fam2go said:


Hi @fam2go, if I understand your comment correctly, you are trying to use the Adventure Lab app on a tablet? Because many iPads and tablets don't have GPS, Geocaching HQ is not officially supporting them in our app builds, but there is no way for us signify this in the app store. If this is an issue you are experiencing on a mobile device please let us know in the Help Center and be sure to include: 

  • The area of the app causing the issue (Example: the Map page, List page, etc.) 
  • The version information from the app
    • Android, select the Menu button in the upper left corner, scroll to the bottom, then select Version info 
    • iPhone, select the More tab in the lower right corner, scroll to the bottom, then select Version info
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