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How to make a beacon cache


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3 minutes ago, dennistubaplayer said:

I was just wondering if anyone had any pointers on creating a beacon cache.

Have you read the Help Center article Beacon caches?


3 minutes ago, dennistubaplayer said:

Is it possible to put a cache on a train or car?

Moving caches are no longer allowed. The remaining ones were grandfathered for years, but then those that remained were converted to trackables and the cache listings were archived.


With that said, it might be possible to have information on a train or car that would provide the coordinates for a stationary cache somewhere else. Then the requirement for accurate GPS coordinates would be met, but your goal of having part of the cache experience be on a moving vehicle would be incorporated. But I am not a volunteer reviewer (and I don't play one on TV), so I can't say with certainty that this concept would be acceptable.

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Is the train or car stationary ?    :)

IIRC, it's simply a stage to another cache, not an actual cache type.  You're requested to place the beacon attribute on the cache.

They can be a wifi router, chirp, nfc, or even a radio transmitter.


One sorta near us had a radio transmitter tuned to a certain station. 

Sounded like a talk-radio setup, and every so many minutes they gave coordinates for the final over your car radio.

For as cool as that was, the final was just a micro in a cemetery.   I'd hope you'd plan better.

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I have a 'beacon' multi-cache that uses 3 different frequencies on 3 different technologies.  https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC2G604_sbs-youre-in-a-world-of-hertz?guid=6f314d95-2cfe-4a2f-941d-06a0968e4674


Technically, anything that transmits in a continuous mode, or can be induced to transmit on demand, can be used as a 'beacon'.  The attribute was originally considered for Chirp caches (none of my stages are Chirp, as it happens), but applies to many other options.


Q: What kind of experience with electronics do you have?  Transmitters in particular?  If none, you'd probably be better off considering the Chirp.  But if you have the requisite experience, there are TONS of possibilities out there.


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