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I thought about it, but they aren't too cheap to get hold of around here and I (personally) feel that they are a little bit too big - at least around here. Most of the caches that I've found have been under 1L / 1Q and would struggle to hold a standard Funko. In other areas where there are loads of ammo box caches and other Regular sized ones then it could work.


The other issue I had was that since  they are quite collectible, they have a higher chance of being grabbed - unless modified / drilled / decorated to make them more custom and less desirable to collectors. Were you going to release it as-is out of the box?

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Yes!  I have a Chuck Norris TB.  I drilled a hole in his leg to pass the tether through.  Dulled my drill bit too (it is Chuck Norris, of course).  He has travelled over 5,000 miles from California (TH8HHEK).  He slowed down during COVID though.

Chuck in Canada.jpg

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