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Garmin eTrex 30 - memory full - how to read files from SD card?


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we have a problem with our Garmin eTrex 30

Since the last map update we can no longer load caches or .gpx files on it. There is a warning on the screen that the memory is full (while we have deleted all previous caches, logs and waypoints (also the trash on our Mac is empty)

My husband has a laptop (not a Mac) and on it he was able to find a hidden trash that was not empty. By emptying it, some Mb was released but this problem repeats itself the next time. There is also an extra SD card in the device.

I get the tip from several people that I have to make sure that the maps are on this SD card, but how do I do that? If an update is offered, it downloads automatically, I cannot choose a destination. By the way, where are the maps on the GPS? What is that file called? And how can I ensure that this ends up on the SD card and that the GPS will also pick it up there? I have also tried to put the caches and .gpx files on the SD card (in a folder called Garmin, like on the device itself) but the GPS does not retrieve this information either.


So we currently cannot use our GPS :o(
I'm looking for tech support to fix this problem.

My husband summarised the problem in the attached files


Who can help us please?


Best regards

Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 09.51.55.png

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