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Poor performance (since months), maybe due to scripts from jquery.com

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Browsing on geocaching.com gets slower, slower and slower - INACCEPTABLE SLOW for a paid service!


The 'speed' is often comparable to a homemade and private server, based on historic computer technology, connected by an analogue modem in someones cellar.


Maybe everything runs smooth in Seattle or the USA, but in Europe, when loading a listing, logs are often missing for 20 seconds or more, while the status bar shows the following


TLS handshake with code.jquery.com
or just
Waiting for code.jquery.com


(That's NOT the problem where you have to accept strategic cookies to get logs loaded!)


Regarding older information found in the world wide web sites shall NOT link to code.jquery.com but place the code on their own web space instead if they don't want to have performance problems. I don't know if that is still a fact, but maybe it's worth a try!?


More problems to be named?

Sometimes I have to wait to add a cache to a list. Eyerything seems to be loaded completely but the needed script is missing.

Sometimes I write a new log and suddenly my entered text is gone, everything is empty again. Another unloaded script finished late?

Sometimes I like to edit a finished log, but a click on the pencil just loads the page where I can enter a new log. Checking my finds the log was definitey sent!


In honor to all owners I don't like to do automated mass logs, but problems like these will result in nothing else than this!


It would be very nice to have an official statement from Groundspeak about the neverending performance problems, e.g in the newsletter.



As far as I know, Groundspeak prefers to have more than one complaint to react, so it may be helpful if everyone with the same problems comments this topic!





Wuppertal, Germany

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Here in the US, I haven't seen a major problem, but, from time to time, I have had slowdowns consistent with what you're talking about. Not really enough to complain about, though. I, too, have connected the problem to waiting for a third party website. To be fair, as web development has gotten more and more complicated, I've noticed a trend of websites relying on third party resources that are out of their control and, consequently, reducing their quality to the level of the companies they're depending on. I hope GS takes your observations to heart and works at getting third party components served up from GS's servers so the experience is more consistent. In particular, I think you're right that one problem here is that the resource is easy to access from here in the US where they're doing development, but not as consistently available globally as geocaching.com. Even if the third party websites are as reliable as geocaching.com, that still allows that frustrating and confusing situation where geocaching.com is working fine, but the site being used behind our backs is down or slow.

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