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1.  Check the logs on caches near your home.  Who are the early finders?  Usually, they are local.

2.  Who is hiding new caches in your area?  They are local, or relatively so.

3.  Look at archived event caches in your area (since 2020 is not the year for event caches).  Who hosted? Who attended?

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If possible - may not pe allowed due to Covid-19? - create your own event. Events are the best thing to get to know other cachers.

Some cachers hide a big box near their house (alert the neighbours about what you are doing!) and invite cachers to ask for a coffee when they are doing their cache.

But I think the best hint may be to give it some time. I am sure you'll meet other cachers from time to time if you just continue geocaching regularly. They are out there as you are - so you'll meet them by accident or when visiting events. It'll happen!

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