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Static Trolleys / Streetcars

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Hello all,

Is there any desire to make a category for Static Trolleys / Streetcars? I don't think they will be accepted in the static train car category as it is not a train car. These may be very rare, but I just wanted to throw the idea out there. I know the location of one for sure.


Similarly, street car  depots / trolley depots are not accepted in the train station / depots category.


The trolley I know of is a static trolley located permanently under a former trolley station.





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Streetcars are accepted in the Static Train Cars category, that is my experience, too.


As for the train stations category: Trolley stations are excluded, yes, but not because of the trolley, it's because they usually have no building and it is a buildings sub-category after all. That is how I understand this chapter in the requirements. I would have no problem to accept a trolley depot, if it is a real complete depot building. (Any other officer with a different opinion out there?)


Now I wonder what to do with static aerial lift cabins. I know dozens. I guess this would overstretch the definition of a train car. But maybe I should try. What do you think? (I just need to find some pictures, or make new ones.)

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