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Geocaching Podcast - Geocache Adventures

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Hey everyone!  I wanted to share with you all that I started a geocaching based podcast called Geocache Adventures.  As of this  post there are currently 16 episodes posted.  You can list to it on Dezzer, Spotify, Stitcher, Radiopublic, Google Podcast, Iheart Raio, iTunes, Apple Podcast, Blubrry, Ganna, TuneIn, and Amazon Music.  You can also stream it on the website under the episode pages.  Website is https://geocacheadventures.org/.  It's great for beginners but I'm also working to expand the content by brining in guest for discussions/interviews.  Episode 16 launched the first of these with guest Cody from the Caching with Cody Vlog.  I will try to feature a guest every other episode.


Up coming guest include:


Derek from Behind the Cache Vlog

Jon "Moun10Bike", fellow geocacher and father of the geocoin

Stephen Mark Rainey, geocacher and author of Ameri-Scares West Virginia Lair of the Mothman which features geocaching as part of the story line


I hope you check it out.  Happy caching!



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Best wishes with your podcast!  That sounds like fun.  Earlier this year I tried my hand at livestream interviews, not as a podcast, but as part of my geocaching YouTube channel "Geo Elmo Geocaching".  Covid was keeping us indoors and I couldn't do any filming for my regular short films; I had never done anything like that before.  It was a lot of fun but a lot of work, I interviewed two lackeys, a geocoin designer, and the geocacher with the highest number of finds.  I really enjoyed talking to each of them.  After my last interview I decided to get back to doing short films instead; that's what I really love doing.


That's cool that you got Moun10Bike to be on your show, he would be fun to talk to.

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