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9 hours ago, Woodbury Walker said:

We have been Geocaching for quite a while now but our trusted TomTom has given up the ghost.

None of the new TomToms seem to take points of interest which we have used to get us near the caches GZ

Has anyone a suggestion of a solution please?

Our first (unsuccessful) attempt to find a cache was by using a borrowed Tom Tom. We started out with a Nuvi which worked well then was better uploading caches using GSAK (now free). After a few months we went over to an Etrex 10 handheld and now use Etrex 20 preferring it to a smartphone (personal preference). As RuideAlmeida said, if you have a smartphone try it,  for your car (presumably) go for a Nuvi for road navigation then phone or handheld GPS from there.

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We still have older Nuvi 660s that accept coordinates,  and most of the newer models did too.

Nuvi has been replaced with Drive and Drivesmart,  and I'm not too familiar with them.

 - But if you're simply looking for close parking, a thread in the GPS forums says you can enter coordinates.  HERE.


If I used a sorta-smart phone today, I'd use that for navigation like millions of other folks.    :)

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10 hours ago, Woodbury Walker said:

points of interest

Is that coordinates?

I bought a Tom Tom a couple of years ago and it has coordinates. Sad if the new ones don't, as it's not only for finding caches that I use coordinates, but for finding other things, such as hotels. There have been occasions in foreign countries, where I didn't know how the local addresses worked and therefore how to input them into the Tom Tom, and also not all the letters in the address exist on my Tom Tom, so I would take the coordinates of the pre-booked accommodation, and use those to get to the hotel. Pre Covid, and hopefully there will be a post Covid, Tom Toms travel the world with people with international maps on it. Many languages, but coordinates are international, so if you don't understand the local language and the script is different, coordinates still work.

Also, I like a unit that talks as you navigate with it, so I don't need to keep looking at it. I use coordinates on my Tom Tom far more than addresses.

Thinking of where else coordinates are needed. There is a free camping site here in Australia on the internet, and also a book is available, as there isn't always a  mobile service, unless you own a satellite phone, and the locations are given with coordinates. I have also had to contact the fire service, out on a country road at night and used coordinates to give them the location of the fire. Coordinates are so versatile, and if Tom Tom no longer has them on their unit what an unbelievably backward move :o. It's on the level of removing streets and towns from the unit.

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