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Release Notes (Website: Upcoming retirement of old profile page)

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1 hour ago, Maxipimpf said:

That is unfortunately correct :mad:.
The new site is so ugly and confusing.


Please give us back the old profile page!


I don't think we'll get the old profile back, and if it's not usable for implementing future things then that's a shame, but understandable. However, the design really, really needs some more work. It looks messy, everything jumps around when clicking a link, the huge amount of white space. Come on guys, this can be done so much better!

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Over the last couple of months, we have gone through the feedback that we received from those of you who filled out the survey. 


With the help from this feedback, we have made some updates to the profile page:

  • By far the biggest suggestion we received was to reduce the whitespace, so we have tightened up the page, reducing ~70-80 pixels of vertical whitespace.

  • A lot of survey responses asked about the option to edit the profile, and we have added the edit option more prominent in the link list.

  • Between the profile page and the dashboard, the avatar image was very different in size which led to some challenges in choosing the best avatar icon or photo. Now the two images are the same size

  • To make more use of the space in the souvenir tab, we have reduced the whitespace to show 4 souvenirs per row instead of 3.


There were many more great suggestions that we will keep in mind for future updates. Thanks again for your input!

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