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Oregon 700 map of Germany problem

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Never had issues with new maps before but I have downloaded Openstreet maps of Germany and tried another source. Added to the Garmin folder on the SD card and it just doesn't show. Any ideas.


I note that at the moment the site for he files does not allow selection of individual tiles at the moment just whole countries - do we know when this might be fixed?

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Please clear something up.


In your first post, you say the map is loaded to the Garmin folder on the Oregon 7x0 microSD card, but it "doesn't show."


In a following post, you suggest it does show on device, but is not visible in BaseCamp.


Is your question "How do I get a map on my Oregon 7x0 to appear in BaseCamp?"


If so, have a look at GPSrChive > How To... > Maps > Enable GPSr Map in BaseCamp.





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