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BUG: Nearby Events layout broken

Viajero Perdido
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In the new Dashboard, when you click an event name, layout goes all kablooey.  Suddenly the widget is scrollable, offering a huge virtual area behind the small porthole (notice scrollbars!), and there's an invisible image or something that's blocking attempts to click on the event title.


Somebody's tinkering with running code?


Happening today with Firefox on Linux, also Brave on Android.


(If you click the far left- or right edge of the event title, if lucky you can reach the event page.)



EDIT: Likely cause: https://maptiles07.geocaching.com/tile/13/1514/2652.png?token=undefined

EDIT: ...which likely ties in with an expanded copyright notice on the cache page's little map window, which partially blocks the map scale, or word-wraps and completely blocks it.  That scale is useful.  ("About our maps" could change to just "About".)  Something's afoot with maps...


I'll waive the fees this time.


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On 10/2/2020 at 5:00 AM, terratin said:

It's also annoying that the events calendar doesn't stay open.

  1. Yep.
  2. It takes two clicks to open the events calendar.  Two?
  3. Layout is still messed up as above (but hardly any events, sigh, so who cares?)
  4. Copyrights on the map square on the cache page (alluded to above as likely related) are now excessive with two sets of duplicates.  I'd rather see the scale.  (Maybe not worth its own topic, but it seemed worth mentioning...)



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We have that, but they've announced they're phasing it out.  :wacko:


To their credit, they've let us keep using much of that good old code-that-works, but that honeymoon may soon be over.


When this bookmark dies (newest caches in my home area), a bookmark that's worked since the day I started in 2005, I will frown.  :mad:  Until then, happy customer.  :lol:


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