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Picture in Listing sometimes missing

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Moin moin,


Me and others are in trouble with some pictures on my listings. Some pictures are not shown but the strange: There seems to be no rule.

On some Windows PCs with Chrome some pictures are not shown on others they are. On PCs where Chrome does not show the pictures Edge does and sometimes vice versa.

Same with Chrome on Android, on some tablets it works fine on other it does not.

Same with the Geocaching App on Android and IOS, some showing the pictures others don´t.

Also with c:geo, some mobiles show pictures others don´t.

T4C on IOS also does not show all pictures.


When pictures are not shown in one configuration you can do whatever you want but don´t get the pictures shown: Clear browser cache, reset browser, uninstall and reinstall - nothing helps.


Any ideas what could cause this problem? An how to solve it?


Kind regards





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There are a couple of possible causes (location of images on other servers, gc.com server issues, etc.). 

GC codes so that we can look at the problem would help.


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Thanks for coming back to this.


Here are missing one or more pictures:
https://coord.info/GC8BP6R (2 pictures missing)
https://coord.info/GC8G3PG (1 picture missing)
https://coord.info/GC8JT75 (52 pictures missing)
https://coord.info/GC8KJ8G (1 picture missing)


These listings are build similar but all pictures always OK:


My pictures are stored on my own webspace and I can access them even when they are not shown in the listings. 
Hope this helps.



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This is how I see some of those cache pages and especially their images:














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2 hours ago, Hermannsländer said:

That´s how it should be. But it´s different from PC to PC and from App to App...

This looks similar to @StratOman’s issue...


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3 hours ago, Hermannsländer said:

That´s how it should be. But it´s different from PC to PC and from App to App...

I had the same problem with all my 200 puzzle caches.

Completely random missing photos from user to user.
It was mainly using Google Chrome and even then it depended on how up to date the browser was to whether it rejected the host site.

So some people saw them and some didn't ....


It's all as a result of the changes made to hosting images since 15th September.

Although GC HQ say pre 15th caches will work OK it's not actually true.


My problem was solved by ensuring my web server had  SSL installed.

I enabled SSL  and installed the free certificate and voila all the  photos reappeared.


Since 15th Sept I am using Dropbox to host my photos ( which is much easier.) and changed my links from http// to https//
I'm still using my web server but only for HTML/CCS/Javascript code NOT for images. 

All very very annoying and time consuming to resolve ....







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I saw a suggestion above that may indeed help.  The first  photo on the first page shows a link of

http: // www.spelter.net/geocache/bergstrasse.jpg

(I had to add those spaces on either side of the "//" to keep the forum from rendering the picture instead of showing the url !)

If you can handle SSL on your own server, try using https: // www.spelter ... etc and see if the gc.com system is more amenable to making your pictures visible on the cache pages.  This may be quicker than uploading them all to the gallery for your cache page and embedding those url's instead, though that is also a fairly bullet proof way around the issues people are having with 3rd party photo serving (apart from people burying neat stuff in the photos for puzzles, of course).


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