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JoGPS hits 2,000!!!


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Didn't notice a topic out yet on this news flash so here goes....


Congratulations to One of, if not The FINEST souls in the GeoCaching Community. What most folks don't know is that Joe could have achieved this number much faster if he concentrated his time on himself. He is truly a self-less person who not only gives of himself but does it cheerfully. Well done, Good Buddy!

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Congratulations Joe on your 2000th find!!! I wish I could shake your hand right now, but we're separated by MANY miles. I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done for us and others. You are a very kind and hospitable person. I look forward to seeing you again soon Buddy! icon_smile.gif

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I, too, offer my congratulations and thanx. Locally you really kick-started this sport that's brought so much fun to so man. More importantly, you've become one of my best three-dimensional friends.


For those that don't know the inside story: I work at home and prior to geocaching, I could go weeks at a time without interacting with anyone (other than family) that didn't involve a computer. So when we hook up for a dinner or a beer or a traipse through the woods, he's 3D to me, unlike my other friends that exist mainly in cyberspace...

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Congratulations to my evil BUDDY on his milestone. I know that you could have hit 2000 caches quicker if you spent more time caching and less time helping slow clods like me around Nashville. And if you quit planning cool events and sharing your clever caching ideas you might be much closer to 3000.


I am glad I have had the chance not only to find your evil caches but share the hunt with you.


Way to go BUDDY.



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Congrats Jogps, tooooooo coooooooool icon_cool.gif!!! I know that you enjoy the hunt more than anything and if there's not going to be a party to celebrate your milestone, than I think we should all hide a cache in your honor. That way we can help you on to 3000 or give you a good start. Thanks for all the help and advice on caching, you are one of the best. icon_smile.gificon_smile.gificon_biggrin.gificon_razz.gificon_cool.gif

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Congrats on 2000! It takes a while for the info to get up here to St. Louis, but eventually we find out these things. It's been fun talking and caching with you the past year, so remember us up here on your quest for 3000.


Rich (RGS)

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Definitely want to throw our congrats in too.


icon_biggrin.gifWay to go you clever devil (although I'm still more impressed with your many HIDES, than you finds) ~ Poppy Bear


icon_smile.gificon_smile.gifGood Job! ~Tynan and Bryn Bears


icon_wink.gif ...and he has a full time job too? ~ Momsy Bear


icon_rolleyes.gificon_rolleyes.gifEEEEA ahhh OO spth EEEEEEEEE (giggle) ~ Aedon and Nolan Bears (hey they're only 16 mos)


~The Li'l Bears (from Lexington, KY)


PS: It's nice to see so many of the Geocky memebers are keeping tabs on you ! Thanks for everything you bring to the game and brought to our fledgling group here in CKY.


~ The Li'l Bears icon_rolleyes.gificon_rolleyes.gif from Lexington, KY

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Congratulations Joe, on your 2,000th find!


You have been an inspiration and an extremely generous mentor to all of us in Central Kentucky, and we hold a special place in our hearts for you. Unfortunately, it is much smaller than the part that comes up with lots of colorful verbage after we finally crack your caches. icon_biggrin.gif


We just moved to Oregon, but we are still trying to keep tabs on you, Joe.


Thanks for everything!

Raellyn and Melissa

Cut.throat.red and Krispy Kremer

Team Tired Feet

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