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Someone had a good idea.

Gill & Tony

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I was recently researching caches in an area which I hoped to visit and I found an AL bonus cache.  Under normal circumstances I would have to grab my phone, fire up the app, move the map to the rough location of the AL, zoom in, find the AL and eventually open the adventure and see where the waypoints were.  Then I could see whether it would fit in with my caching plans.


This kind CO had added each of the stages of the AL as child waypoints to the bonus cache.  There, on the little map, were the stages shown.  Instant decision - a short walk round town fits perfectly.   Had it been a drive around the countryside I could have dropped it (not having a car there).   Adding the stages saved me a few minutes of leaving the computer and mucking about on the phone.


A secondary advantage will be that, if I complete that AL, getting the lab caches into GSAK will be a breeze.


I've added the stages to both my Adventure lab bonuses and I've also used GSAK to build a .gpx file for the lab caches.  I know that many AL owners who have bonus caches will already be doing this, but I thought I'd mention the idea for those, like me, who hadn't thought about it.

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