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Adventure lab Test not sequential


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I am trying to build my first AL, and i am a little bit puzzled with 2 problems :


1 - My AL has 5 locations, (let's say L1, L2, L3, L4, L5) and is supposed to play  in sequential order. I have created a Test version, scanned the QR-code into the smartphone app (Android), and play it. The problem is that it does not play in the sequential order that i have chosen, but in its own order, for instance L1, L3, L2, L5, L4. In fact, it seems that it goes to the nearest available location, instead of going to the next sequential location. Is it a bug in the Test version, or did i do something wrong?


2 - To delete the Test AL, it is easy to delete it on web (just select 'delete test'), but to delete in app, it is written in the manual 'Open the app on your mobile phone, select the Directory tab (3 lines in upper right corner of the screen), ...  The problem is that there is no Directory tab visible on the phone screen : See picture.


Thanks for your help.


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Thank you for the tip, 'CAVinoGal' : I can now delete the test trials in the app.

Thank you also to 'Max and 99' : In fact, the switch in the Off-position, located just after "Play locations in sequential order", was so pale that I did not see it, so I did not toggle it to the On-position. Now, its ok.

So, both problems are fixed.

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