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problem with PQ loaded into my Garmin64sx

El Fartero
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My daughter is going off to Oban, Scotland and I'd like her to be able to do some geocaching there. I loaded a PQ of caches in Oban into her new Garmin 64sx, but when I then try to search for these caches (I've tried both "spell search" and general "search for geocaches,") the Garmin shows "No Results Found." When I plug the unit into the computer, the PQ DOES show up on the list of GPX files in the Garmin 64sx. Other PQ's have loaded in OK.  And I successfully loaded the Oban PQ into MY Garmin unit (though this is the 62ST). Finally, I also downloaded the list of Waypoints associated with the Oban PQ into my daughter's Garmin, and I've had no problem finding them on the device (though ironically, if there had to be a problem with one of these files, I'd much rather it be with the Waypoints and not with the Geocaches!)

Can anyone help me with this? My daughter leaves for Scotland in Wednesday. Thanks.

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Thank you. If that means that the caches will appear when my daughter arrives in Oban, that is very reassuring.


However, I'm still concerned that things may not be right. Why did the Oban caches not appear when I looked for them with Spell Search?  And they did come up when I loaded them into my older Garmin 62 st? 


Thanks for your help with this.

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You can also search 'near' another location on the GPS.

First make a normal waypoint in the area where the caches are, then go to 'geocaching'and search 'near', and select the waypoint you just made.

It then should show al the geocaches near the waypoint you selected.



Navigate first to the city/street near the geocaches. Then go to the geocaching menu, Search near, and select 'previous destinations'and select the city you have navigated to.

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I think I'm all straightened out on this. I got worried when I couldn't find the Oban cached on my daughter's new 64sx (and for whatever reason, they DID come up when I loaded and searched for them on my older 62st) but I tried making a waypoint in Oban as Kalendotters suggested, and when I searched near that waypoint all the Oban caches came up. 


I hope my daughter will log some caches in Scotland! Thanks to all for providing assistance.

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