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How to PQ or List my DNFs?


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2 minutes ago, 51MarLin said:

I can't seem to find a way to make a Pocket Query or List of all my DNFs. Is there a way?


Marc (aka 51MarLin)

Do you mean besides the one that's provided on your profile? You can sort by log type including DNFs.

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Yeah, but...

First, there's nothing useful you can do with that.  All you get is a screen full of information -- good for 'eyes only'.  (Not sure just how you'd make a list of that from that page, but I'm prepared to be educated.)

Second, you can't see just the ones that REMAIN as DNFs.  All of your past ones show up whether you later found them or not.


Depending upon what the OP wants to do with that information, what gc.com provides may not be enough.


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3 hours ago, HHL said:

It is, if you are willing to use the API with the help of an API partner app.


1. GSAK (CAUTION: Windows only)

2. Macro "Get all logs for user". Select log type "Didn't find".

3. Add the result to a bookmark list



May not be all of the needed steps.  I'm guessing (and it's just a guess) that the OP may want to see only those caches that were never found, and remain DNF.   Using the (shhh!) tool that you mention in Step 1,  that can also be accomplished.  Then archived caches can be culled out of that, too, to see what's out there still active that would remain to be found on the OP's DNF list.  Wow, what a tool.



Actually, it takes only a minute or two with the 'right' app.


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18 hours ago, RuideAlmeida said:

Usually placing each one on Watchlist...


I do a combination of things. 

I scroll through the DNFs to see which are newly archived, or for other research.  Yeah, often I've since found a previous DNF.  Some DNFs... I won't bother hunting them again.

Manually selected Bookmark List of choice caches that I want to try again.  I named it "Go Find", and it includes caches that I especially want to hunt on a trip, DNF or not.

Watch List for caches that are fake or impossible (a cache that nobody finds).

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OK.  I'll confess to keeping all of my DNFs in a separate GSAK (yes, Windows) database.  There, it is easy to see which ones are already found afterward (they show up in yellow) so that they can be quickly found and deleted in two simple steps, or are archived (they show up red with black line through them) so that those can be deleted as well.  What remains are the ones that I still need to go out and find.


For Windows users...


As you may have noticed, GSAK comes up here all the time as a solution to particular problems.  It is also said that there is a steep learning curve for GSAK.  That kind of comment is both untrue and true.  Everything depends upon just how extensively you want to delve into the possibilities.  You will probably never use all of the blades on this Swiss Army Knife.  Most of the things we talk about here, the OP's request being an example, can be learned in about 10 minutes.  Creating and loading a GSAK database with caches is pretty trivial.   Learning the searching/filtering options most used is as well. 


OTOH, if you can do your own programming, you can make it dance and sing and recite poetry if you like.  I have built a macro that downloads all of the caches in the area from gc.com, compares my unfounds to my caching friend's, adds in my solved puzzles, excludes 'problem' caches, and builds unique POI files for my TomTom of everything.  Yes, it can take some time to prepare something like that, but it's not something anyone need learn how to do for the kind of basic problem the OP is trying to solve here.


There are also all kinds of macros already written by other users (that are shared on the GSAK site) to perform some common (and quite uncommon) tasks that only need to be downloaded and run by the new user to benefit from other users' prior experience.


I would encourage anyone with a Windows box consider this tool as a potential friend for geocaching.  It's being offered for free by the author at this point, and contains no advertising, so no one is going to profit from my recommendation except the new user.


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Anyone who is familiar with a spreadsheet program should have no difficulty getting started with GSAK. It is, essentially, a spreadsheet overlaying a database.


Each row is a waypoint (usually a cache), each column is  an attribute of that waypoint (Name, GC code, found date, coordinates etc).  The user creates databases containing waypoints meeting specific categories and overlays the spreadsheet on one database at at time.


Some people have one or two huge databases containing everything and they manage things by filtering for (just displaying) the caches they are interested at the time


I prefer several smaller databases.  I have 4 personal databases "My Finds"," My DNFs", "My Trackables" (no - waypoints don't have to be caches) and "My Hides".  I have 3 permanent unfound caches databases, one for caches along the NSW South Coast and into the Southern Highlands, one for Canberra and one for NE Victoria where my daughter lives.  I create temporary databases for trips beyond these areas.  I've just deleted a New Zealand database because our Christmas cruise has been cancelled.  I have different "views" (sets of columns) for each database. For example, I don't display the "Found by Me date"  column in the unfound databases.


Honestly, if you have used Lotus 1-2-3 or Excel, GSAK shouldn't be a problem.  Just like those programs, getting a toe-hold is the first step.  You can go as deep as you want as time goes by.  But getting started isn't hard.

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On 9/13/2020 at 9:13 AM, HHL said:

I deleted my former posts as there was no feedback from the TO. :cool:



If you exclusively want to enter a dialog with the OP or one of the participants then please use personal messages.

If you (and I guess everybody would appreciate this) give answers and comments in *public* please, please stop deleting your postings when you're annoyed about the feedback.

This is such an irritating habit for everybody following the thread but especially for silent readers with similar problems.

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I apologize for not responding - I never received a notification of a reply. As for all the helpful info - thanks. I've been using GSAK for a short while and should of realized it could do what I want. I'm still finding more and more to like about it.

Sorry and thanks again,

Marc (aka 51MarLin)

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