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TB stocktake....


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After a newish TB of ours finally moved, a year after we placed it in a pretty safe cache, I decided to do a stocktake of our teams released TBs over the past 5 years.

Total released - 46

Still moving - 21 (11 in past 3 months, 10 in past 12 months)

The other 25 are marked missing after being reported missing, or are in the hands of inactive newbies for >12 months.....

What are your numbers like?

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I've recently bought my first four, none yet released.


My plan is to etch some bits of aluminium with all the details including the TB code, and add a little something as a hitch hiker. Launch those but keep hold of the original TB's. Try and give them a bit of longevity if they're less attractive to "collectors" and kids. Currently haven't released them (or logged them anywhere) as I'm waiting for some tools to arrive which I ordered to do the etching. Can't wait to release them! I have hopes of buying more, maybe next year. If I can squeeze a few dollars out of my tight budget.

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I sent out two high-end TBs, now long gone, working miniature fishing reel, and a solid miniature of a v-twin motor.

The other 2/3rds sent out around a dozen coins, all long gone too.

 - It didn't take us long to figure that's a losing side-hobby, especially when you're talking coins.     

Two promotion Trackables went missing shortly after they were placed.

Another two promotion Trackables are supposedly still sitting in the caches I first placed them in, one a year ago, the other two...


The other 2/3rds now has TBs, and 280 coins activated in her collection, and around another 200 unactivated.  

I now have "our" sig coins, so have over 300 unactivated ... a lotta sets (the AT n stuff...), and around 200 sig coins.

I've been placing sig coins in caches, as an incentive to get folks to walk, or hand a newb one at an event.

 - I'd rather give them away, than find some maggot stole them... 

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