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CRK Public Service Announcement

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Hey y'all. A friendly reminder that this is a good

time to carry CRKs, or Cache Repair Kits. Often, many

of the older (non-ammocan, hee hee) containers get

soaked and damaged from torrential rain like we had

this week.


Unfortunately, many of these caches are placed by

individuals who don't reside in the area, so community

maintenance is especially important. Great Bovine

Walk, GeoJoker-1 and First Born are a few in

particular that are in need of a helpful hand sometime

soon. If y'all haven't been to any of these and plan

to go, please bring some spares along.


As discussed in the forums, a well stocked CRK should

include: a couple of logbooks, writing utensils, trade

trinkets, duct tape and perhaps another container.

Don't replace the container unless you know the owner

is out of town and can't possibly do it themself.


This has been a public geocaching announcement,

brought to you by VentureForth and all the Yahoo! ads

that come along with it. Heh heh.




Go! And don't be afraid to get a little wet!

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So the three caches that you mention were placed by non-locals? If the logs refer to a "stinky" or "water-logged" cache, would you suggest that we e-mail the owner prior to visiting the cache to see if they would like us to replace the cache container? We wouldn't want to commit a faux pas but would like to be helpful.

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I'm referring specifically to messed up caches placed by outta-towners. I frankly don't know a simple way to figure out if someone is a local or not unless they say so right on the cache description (REF: Last Texas Cache, which has since been deleted). If you just come across a really bad one that is in horrible shape, I say change out the container and retain as much of the original stuff as possible. Make mention in the logs and write the owner.


Unfortunately, lots of times the owner's email address is just about as obselete as the caches they've let go to pot.


As for replacing a container which is just in mildly poor condition, and you know the owner is in town, email first and wait a bit. It worked for me. Took three weeks, but got "A Walk In The Park" replaced by the owner. It was nearly 2 years old (#181!!). He was thrilled that people were still finding it.


Go! And don't be afraid to get a little wet!

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GeoJoker 1-TX (GC2E69): Full of Water since at least 3/23/02. Last Visited by Rangertrek on 3/23/02. Owners out of state. Not contacted.


Great Bovine Walk (GCEF0): Wet since 12/22/01. Last Visited by waypoint15 on 3/14. Still wet. Owners contacted, but no response.


Any more? Add them here, so we can keep track of what needs to be maintained.


Go! And don't be afraid to get a little wet!

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I think its great to restore a cache, I have done that once so far when I got to the location it was obvious the rubbermaid container had been run over by a tractor. I was going to town so picked up a nice new ammo can and took it back and repaired it.

I think its cool, because now even though I was not the one who set the cache originally its almost like its partly mine, and thats kinda cool at least in my opinion.

Just my two cents worth,


RW Da Man!!!

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Originally posted by VentureForth:

There have been numerous issues with these folks - are they out of towners? If not, are they still active in the geocaching community?


Go! And don't be afraid to get a little wet!


They're still around, and still placing caches. I'm not sure, but I think they may be students at UNT in Denton. Haven't seen them hunting very many, however. They eventually respond to emails, but it sometimes takes a while.



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