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Another one bites the dust!


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2 hours ago, lee737 said:

I think this is our third one of these emails.....



This is a long shot, but you may want to contact the last person who held the TB to see if the TB was “dropped” in the wrong cache?  If you look at when the TB was supposedly dropped in GC72JK1 on 9/3/19 there is no found it log or write note log saying they dropped the TB into the cache (although there is no requirement to do so).   Also the cache was found a few times after the TB drop but no mention of it in their found it logs, so quite the mystery.  Although it’s not unheard of for nice looking TBs to go missing taken by a cacher or muggle.  Possible it has been taken out of the cache and lost before it could be logged from the cache or the cachers just forgot.  

  Could also send an email to the 2 finders after the TB drop to see if they noticed it in the cache?   Again a long shot due to the length of time, but you never know. Might jog someone’s memory....

   I would wait a few more months (before releasing the copy tag) in case it does surface again by some miracle.  That way you don’t run across an issue with 2 TBs with the same number floating around. 

   Good luck and hope you get some good news.  

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On 10/16/2020 at 9:30 AM, BillHill531 said:

I managed to find a TB 2 Years after it was reported missing, as a replacement cach was put in place. I found the replacement and the original complete with TB. So there is alway some hope yet. Needless to say that the owner of the TB was verry impressed.

Welcome to the forum. There's a few of us from your area who hang out here. A good place to learn stuff.

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