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Oddity: Reset with original station?

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Since we've been talking about oddities lately, I ran across something interesting (to me, anyways) while on a drive.


For your consideration, the following two datasheets:

 LG1351 ***********************************************************************
 LG1351  PID         -  LG1351
 LG1351  COUNTRY     -  US
 LG1351  USGS QUAD   -  EXETER (2017)
 LG1351                         *CURRENT SURVEY CONTROL
 LG1351  ______________________________________________________________________
 LG1351* NAD 83(1986) POSITION- 40 38 58.61   (N) 097 22 35.40   (W)   HD_HELD1  
 LG1351* NAVD 88 ORTHO HEIGHT -   479.098 (meters)     1571.84  (feet) ADJUSTED  
 LG1351  ______________________________________________________________________


 LG0792 ***********************************************************************
 LG0792  PID         -  LG0792
 LG0792  COUNTRY     -  US
 LG0792  USGS QUAD   -  EXETER (2017)
 LG0792                         *CURRENT SURVEY CONTROL
 LG0792  ______________________________________________________________________
 LG0792* NAD 83(1995) POSITION- 40 38 58.60546(N) 097 22 35.40154(W)   ADJUSTED  
 LG0792* NAVD 88 ORTHO HEIGHT -   479.    (meters)     1572.    (feet) SCALED    
 LG0792  ______________________________________________________________________


Links to both sheets: LG0792 [QUINCY], LG1351 [QUINCY RESET].


QUINCY was never marked as destroyed. Which is accurate - it has NOT BEEN. In fact, QUINCY RESET *is* QUINCY. The station hasn't been moved. The agency just stamped "1991" onto it.

The 'Reset' was leveled to - notice the ortho height on it is ADJUSTED. Whereas the original QUINCY is ADJUSTED position, but the ortho height is scaled.


So as far as I can figure, in '91, they used QUINCY to level against/through/to, and instead of updating the original's "QUINCY" PID's ortho height and other links, they just created a new PID.


I did measurements from one reference mark and the railroad (I had permission, was on a job for them), and it matched what was in QUINCY's datasheet. It also was prety darn exact with my handheld GPS. (I did not do any RTK over the station, admittedly.)


I went ahead and submitted recoveries for both stations - though overall, just a small little strangeness.

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