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Dukes Creek and DeSoto Falls Caches

Guest tjbowers

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Guest tjbowers

I'm writing to ask for feedback on the condition of the terrain surrounding the above caches. When Gene and I placed them we were a little concerned about the ground getting torn up. If this proves to be a problem we will relocate the caches this spring. Has anyone noticed any problems?


Jess http://home.att.net/~tjbowers/

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We visited Dukes Creek Falls a week ago, and one of the clues we saw that led us to the cache was some torn-up vegetation and displaced soil from where someone climbed a steep embankment. We repaired it and made it look natural again.


True, the tree fall caused far more erosion than any footsteps would, but in light of my recent discovery of how "sensitive" park rangers can be about stewardship of the land, the last thing we want to do is give them something to talk about. I don't think the cache is a problem, we just need to step lightly, and be ready to walk a little further if the bank looks too steep to climb without damage.



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