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Before the sudden deactivation of certain waymarks of the Vera Cruz de Carballiño Church, tell them about a photo that appears on a blog.
I do not know which of the two is, but I can tell you that I had them in google photos since October 2017 as a backup. I can not specify that it was original or not, because I backed up everything, but that's when I found the cache of the place GC3QM9M.
Since the end of 2018 I only make copies of the ones taken, and it is easier to see.


What hurts me the most is

1) that you doubt a simple photo of mine,
2) that the Spanish Heritage ones are blocked asking me to prove that they are mine (after more than 100 WM post and more than 1000 visited). Who want an affidavit?
3) That as a consequence they are canceled published WM of other cathegories
4) That someone put "Also the variables are not all correct" and not tell me what's wrong.


I'm from Spain, from Galician, and live in Ourense. We visited almost every BIC of Ourense and a lot of other provinces. Are there any problem with I publish in this cathegory. Something personal interest?


As I do not want my honor or the rules of the game to be questioned, Tomorrow morning (Spanish time) I will go to Carballiño (15 minutes from my house) and I will send you 8 photos. Fortunately, this situation was not caused by a WM in Coruña, which is two hours away.


And right now I am sending to review the other Spanish Heritage that. of course, they are my own photos, like ALL.



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For rewievers:

Made with pic-collage


Wayfrog you can close the chat




Collage 2020-08-07 11_40_11.jpg

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