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Internet of Things Caches (LoRa)

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I have been thinking of building a new puzzle multi cache using LoRaWAN and Internet of Things, has anyone done anything like this before / are there any things to take into consideration?


My idea is to hide push buttons / other sensors for the cachers to play with in IP rated boxes at waypoints along the way which reveal the next location when some condition is met (the button is pressed / the cache is oriented properly / the humidity has increased to a certain level because the cacher has breathed on the sensor etc...) When the cache has entered the correct state a web page the cacher loads on their phone will display the next location's coordinates.


Any thoughts?


Best Regards,



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To be precise, this idea could be a Lab Cache, like at a Mega-Event, but it cannot be part of an Adventure Lab.  Under the guidelines for Adventures, no physical objects can be placed in the environment.


As a geocache idea, this could work.  Note that the website providing the answer (coordinates) cannot require creation of an account or the provision of personal information.  The cache owner can work out the details with their Reviewer.

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hey, so a bit late to the party but I've had similar thoughts before.

one idea I had was combining digital dead drops with geocaching.

like using it to hide encrypted messages that lead to "secret" caches or something for those who want to take things another step further.

one way to do this would be to setup something like a pi-zero-w so that a guest account is setup upon login, cleared after log off, and this gives access to the files without allowing upload of files to prevent obvious problems.

maybe the password could be gained via a gadget cache type thing, or even have the file accessed through a control interface or something with a small LCD screen.

there's tons of ideas there that could be interesting because who doesn't bring their phone everywhere these days and even the cheapest flip phones can access wifi.

just my 2 cents on the concept.

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