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Cache owner dashboard

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Maybe there's something I've misunderstood about the new cache owner dashboard, but shouldn't the reviewer notes of these two caches turn up as an alert on the front page? And if not, which notes do?


At first I thought the caches was still in the queue, as I was getting no mail notifications of them being processed. Later, when I found out there were problems with the notifications, I checked on the front page of my dashboard, but it showed no sign of activity. Only by accident I went to the listing of unpublished caches, and saw that the reviewer note had arrived many hours ago.







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Isonzo Karst, it's not the same issue. I'm talking about the owner dashboard. The other tread is about the general dashboard. 

My owner dashboard seems alright. I can see a lot of log entries (of which I still haven't had any mail notification), but the issue here is what I've marked in the pictures.

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