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Arkansas State Parks

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This is a post from:

ArkGeo · Arkansas Geocachers Association

on Yahoo!Groups :....

reply from Greg Butts, the director of the Arkansas State Parks system. Here is what he said:


"Due to the legislative session that just ended, along with the special session that starts next week, the Administrative Rules Subcommittee of the legislature has not met this year (typically they meet every month, except during legislative sessions; note: we sent information to them last year after our public meeting on the subject with our commission). I had hoped they would meet this month, but it has been postponed. Hopefully they’ll meet next month, we’ll be able to complete the review process and then get word out to the public. Check back with us on June 15th."

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I got an email from Greg Butts in response to my query. He said the legistlative rule committee has given the policy a favorable review, but it is not effective until he signs it and distributes it. About two more weeks.


He said no one is going to be arrested for having caches in State Parks and welcomed cachers. Too much red tape I guess :-(


I got approval from the specific rangers which is the basis of the new rules.


I am not aware of any other cache placement regulations within the State.

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For those following the issue, the new Arkansas State Park Geocaching rules have finally been approved. The parks are generally giving everyone with a cache in the park 30 days to get the permit. At this point none of the parks I'm in touch with have received the cache permit stickers which are to be placed on approved caches, however, all of the parks seem to be responding favorably to the idea of geocaching.


There are links to both HTML and the original MS Word documents I received from Sandy Burch and Greg Butts on the Arkansas Geocachers Association web site: www.ArkGeo.us

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