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Jeweler buries gold, silver, diamonds across Michigan for ‘Treasure Quest’

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2 hours ago, ecanderson said:

Wonder if he got permission for all of his 'hides'? :rolleyes:


We said the same thing when it was shown yesterday.    :D   I saw the silver rounds, and interest peaked.

Charging tickets ...   

 - But if they can afford to pay folks spot price in trade,  if you didn't want the treasures, they can afford the attorney's fees JIC there's an issue.    :)

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This is actually a brilliant marketing idea. 

His shop is suffering due to the "unpleasantness"


Hide "treasure" from your store.

Sell tickets that enable people to "find the treasure"

Almost assuredly will sell more tickets then the value of the treasure.

Pocket more money than you normally make being open for business!


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2 hours ago, RocTheCacheBox said:

This is actually a brilliant marketing idea.   


Yep, I agree.   If you think at least 80+ people will cough up 49 bucks for a ticket.   

 Two100oz silver bars  ... if local I'd probably give it a shot.  :)   That's around two grand worth (each).

Let's see... A ten mile multi ,  a lengthy letterbox, or a chance at a chunka silver.  Hmm...

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