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Geocaching in Arkansas - TV Segment

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KATV (Channel 7 locally) ran a few live segments this morning on their morning show, called "Daybreak". It featured a cache near Little Rock and a local cacher (bebopishere) and his daughter. There were about five "reports" that lasted about 3 or 4 minutes each.


Bebopishere did a great job of representing the geocaching community and of explaining the whole concept to the reporter. We were supposed to have been there, but the reporter forgot to call us back to confirm the location. Anywho, this was a great boost for geocaching in our area! Great job, bebopishere!!!

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Originally posted by LongDogs:

Yeah, he was supposed to call me back too to firm up details. There were supposed to be at my cache at Pinnacle. Was the ranger or park superintendent there? I understand he didn't call them back either.

IMHO, it would have been much better from a state park, since that was the issue being discussed. But Jason (the reporter) seemed to be against the idea for some reason (maybe because of the reception??). He also told me that the live feed cable wouldn't reach more than about 500 feet from the van, and he wanted to be able to take the cameras to the cache. However, they didn't end up being able to go all the way to the cache, anyway!


We also discussed doing a "mock" find, and we had a cache ready to go, but never heard anything back from him.

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I was very pleased to see that KATV did that segment on geocaching. Hopefully it will boost the caching up some. I went on vacation in June and my brother got me hooked on geocaching as well.....just gotta get a gps lol.(Borrowed his) I'm located in Lincoln county and i see that we do not have any in the county.......me and my partner are looking for some good spots to put some later on this year as it cools off. Do any of ya take up your caches during the winter time in case of bad weather? Oh well, back to the cache page.....Happy caching allicon_smile.gif

Choctaw Gals

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My name is Beth Hunt...I also am a reporter at Channel 7.

I am working on an in-depth piece on geocaching and am looking for some interviews.

Anyone who does this would be great.

It will probably be a two-part series where I will go to a cache and talk with cachers about the process...etc...then I will actually try to do it myself.

I think this will be a great feature story...and may add a little more insight to geocaching than the live shots Jason did.

This piece will be taped...and will most likely run at night.

If anyone is interested please let me know...I am just looking for a few experienced cachers who don't mind talking on camera!


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