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Need Advice... Going To Mammoth Cave, KY

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Hi Folks!


Heading to Mammoth Cave, KY from Bloomington, IN for a camping trip the weekend of June 19th. We have a nifty little travel bug and were wondering if anybody had some advice for a cool cache to stash the little guy in. We're taking I-65S through Louisville, so anything not TOO terribly far out of the way would be so very very faboo.


Thanks Guys!

The Dukes of Biohazzard

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There are a couple of rest area caches along I-65 there in KY. I'll let you decide how cool those are.


But THE place for all cool geocachers to be seen that weekend is at GeoWoodstock

If you can sneak back to Louisville for a few hours on Saturday, you should be able to get a TB to either coast pretty easily and hook up with a few of your favorite (or unfavorite) cachers from all over the planet for some face time.

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Hi Adrienne, I live about 15 miles S of the cave, and would sugest that you put in zip code 42171 in the search box... it will list a whole bunch of caches down here. There is one listed at the last rest area you will pass coming south....have fun, the weatherpeople say it's going to be nice this weekend.

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