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How To Plan an Outing

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I'm rather new to geocaching, only got a few finds. I'm wondering if people have any tips on how to plan an outing. 

Im looking to start off in my local area and slowly branch out. I tend to try and tie in a dog walk with my partner at the same time, The dog loves a good long walk. 

Any tips are greatly appreciated. 



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Start buy looking on the geocaching.com map  under Play/View Browse Map and then zoom out and pan around  looking for caches in an area that appeals.


Here's the map page around some of the caches you've already found:





Also if you use Facebook search for a geocaching group in your area, where I'm sure you'll be welcomed and locals will be able to suggest places to go.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/469685837146593/   Is the Geocaching Kent group (which seems to be where you've been caching up to now)


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From the website, map the geocaches in an area around where you live,. Zoom out and look for the little green box icons which might form an irregular loop. These tend to be a 'series' of caches, deliberately placed by the CO to provide a nice walk. Click on each one to find one of them labelled No1, and find out how long the walk is (and any other interesting info like stiles, hills and cows), that the CO may have chosen to include for you.

Download them to your machine, pack a picnic and go!

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