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Australian resellers list

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Hello fellow Aussies!


I was looking over the Australian resellers list and noticed that 101 Geo has probably closed down (site redirects to Caching Supplies) and I was curious if anybody knew who maintained the list? Presumably it's relatively easy to add new resellers but keeping tabs on which companies no longer carry their items might be a bit harder. I can contact a moderator, but I'd rather try and contact someone who can pass the information up rather than trying to pick a random mod in the dark.


Also, has anybody had any business interactions with Geo-What? I sent her a message via the contact page on Sunday and haven't seen a response yet. I read on the About page that it's one lady running it as a from-home business, so I'm not overly concerned about a delay in responding - but I wanted to know if anybody has bought anything from them recently, or ever? I'm trying to figure out if the business is still running, or if she might have suspended business temporarily due to the whole covid thing.

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Updated information for Australian resellers list:


Geo Stuff: business is active.

Caching Supplies: business is active.

101 Geo: already identified as redirecting to Caching Supplies.

Geo-What: I used their "Contact Us" option on 5 June, no FB or other way to contact that I could see. No response - possibly suspended trading?

Australia Wide Badges: business is active.

Ground Zero: business appears to still be valid from looking up the Australian business number, but website is down. May be having temporary issues, or may have closed up?

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