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Sea Glass Earthcache?


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On our recent trip to Hawaii (before Covid), we discovered a beach with a ton of sea glass on it.  Many of the locals considered this "Glass Beach."  We were wondering, do you think that this would be an acceptable earthcache topic?  Sea glass is formed by physical weathering.  Weathering/erosion is considered to be an earthcache accepted topic. If we emphasized this and highlighted this in our description, do you think that we could make this into an earthcache?


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Agree with ecanderson, it's simply glass that was dumped or fell in the ocean, that gets polished by tumbling on the ocean floor in the sand for years.

There's nothing "natural" about sea glass, compared to for example, water/winds on sandstone.    


Email a geoaware Reviewer and ask.     :) 

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Well, I'd definitely check with earthcache central before working on it only to have it blocked by fiat. But I can't imagine why it would be a problem. It's showing a geologic process just like any other sand beach anywhere. It shouldn't matter that it's too recent, and I see no reason why certain materials exhibiting a point of geology would be forbidden just because of a human source.

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